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Parent Teacher Student Association

We use various Andrew Carnegie community events such as book fairs, dances, and celebrations to both earn money toward such events and bolster school spirit. We also utilize some public funding by collecting Box Tops for Education and the like.

Just like in elementary school, we pick up where school funding leaves off. We support school-wide functions, assemblies, as well as student reward programs and staff appreciation luncheons.

Support our students, staff, and other parents by getting involved! Sign up online today!

PTSA email contact:

PTSA Minutes August 8, 2023 

PTSA Minutes November 7, 2023 

PTSA Minutes December 5, 2023

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2023/24 Meeting Dates

Tuesday, September 5 at 6pm in the library

Tuesday, October 3 at 6pm in the library

Tuesday, November 7 at 6pm in the library

Tuesday, February 6 at 6pm in the library

Tuesday, April 2 at 6pm in the library

Tuesday, May 7 at 6pm in the library



Volunteers are needed and valued in San Juan Unified.  Any adult volunteer who will work alone with students at any time must be  fingerprinted.  This includes driving for or chaperoning on  field trips, working with students outside the immediate supervision of a staff member, or walking students to and from the office. If you have been fingerprinted by SJUSD since 2000, you do not need to be fingerprinted again, but should update your Volunteer Information Form in your school office annually. If you start to volunteer at a new SJUSD school, the school secretary can contact the district office Fingerprint Unit to verify your status as a cleared San Juan volunteer.  

By law, fingerprint results done by another business or organization cannot be transferred to SJUSD or any another agency.  

Fingerprinting is free of charge for San Juan volunteers and done on a first come, first served basis at the district office.  Many volunteers needing fingerprinting in August/September, so please allow 45 minutes to an hour for this process during these months. TB verification is not required to volunteer in San Juan Unified.  Don’t wait until the last minute. Results from the Department of Justice can take up to four weeks to be returned. All volunteers need to sign in at the school office upon arriving on campus and wear a visitor’s badge when on site.

Driving Forms

If you are going to be driving on a field trip, you must have a current insurance form filled out.  They are in the office.  We will also require a copy of your driver's license and your insurance declaration page.  These things must be turned in yearly and/or any time the information changes. The information is shredded at the end of the year.

We realize that these requirements may be inconvenient for many parents, but the bottom line is this is for the safety of all the students.  We would urge you to take care of this early in the year so that you will be free to volunteer at the school as much as you like.

We have many fundraisers that help our students get through the year.  Some companies that help support Carnegie are listed below.

In addition, occasionally we have small requests from teachers or departments for donations from parents.  If you would like to help, please call the school office at 916-971-7853.  Thank you for your support!


August 30, 2023: Chipotle 3-8pm

September 27, 2023: Panda Express 3-9pm

October 18, 2023: Jimboy's Tacos 3-8pm

November 7, 2023: Crumbl Cookie 3-9pm

December 7, 2023: Kiki's Fair Oaks 12-9pm

January 17, 2024: Old Spaghetti Factory 3-9pm